Effective remote work requires more than just a laptop and Zoom Meetings.

E2Remote consulting helps companies adapt and thrive in a remote work environment.

3 Keys To Remote Work

Technology and Software

Tech should be intuitive, user-friendly and even fun. Connect with remote co-workers effortlessly.

Management Framework

How we ensure productivity is happening to management's satisfaction, but in an employee-friendly way.

Trust, Culture & Human Factors

Trust is more critical than ever. Building a healthy remote work culture requires sensitivity & thoughtful communication.

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About Us

Erick Garcia

Management Consultant

Erick is an Entrepreneur and Management Consultant that is well versed in building companies and cultures remotely in multiple markets. His company Hedgeway Group has found remote solutions for both domestic and international companies and looks forward to bringing these proven processes to you.

Eric Sheline

Communications Consultant

Eric is a Marketing & Communications Consultant and a true believer in remote work. His marketing agency Baseline Voice was designed from the ground up to be remote-centric, providing clients with top-tier outsourced marketing from anywhere in the world.

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